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About the Data Provided

All information presented by Destiny XYZ Inc.’s (“Destiny”) in this website (“Destiny Data”) is compiled relying on a combination of a) publicly available data, b) data for which Destiny has compensated a third party, and c) internal, proprietary analysis.

Information provided in Destiny Data is believed to be current as of Destiny’s analysis on . Destiny Data is not updated on a live or daily basis. More current information than provided in Destiny Data may be available.

Destiny Data is intended as an informational and educational tool and should not be relied upon for investment decisions. Information gathered from third parties is believed to be reliable. While Destiny believes the information provided to be accurate, no guarantee can be made, and this information should not be relied upon in any investment or other decisions.

About the Companies Included

The term “Unicorn” as used in Destiny Data refers to venture-backed private technology companies with post-money valuations greater than $1B.

Destiny Data does not include companies with post-leveraged buyout (“LBO”) late-stage rounds and may also exclude; companies without at least one venture/growth investor, companies with less than $15M raised, and select subsidiaries and/or spin-offs. The exclusion of any company in Destiny Data should not be taken as an indication of any opinion of Destiny about the company.

Some companies listed in Destiny Data may also be portfolio companies which Destiny Advisors LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Destiny XYZ Inc. and an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”)) has recommended to its clients.

Any inclusion or exclusion of any company in the information provided herein is unrelated to any investment recommendations made by Destiny, and the information provided is intended solely for educational purposes. Similarly, the recommendation of a portfolio company to a client of Destiny does not indicate that the same investment is suitable for all investors.

About the Valuations

Valuations provided in Destiny Data are indicative only, no guarantee can be made, and they should not be relied upon in any investment or other decisions.

Post-money valuation is based on a company's most recent primary funding round. Secondary transactions may also be incorporated if in conjunction with a funding round.

Certain deal types are not included for the purposes of Unicorn valuation, including debt transactions, grants, and tender offers.

About the Limitations of Destiny Data

Destiny’s access to information about privately held companies may be limited. As a result, the information presented in Destiny Data may be subject to limitations that materially impact the timing, availability and/or accuracy of information about companies, including their valuation.

Impactful limitations include, but not limited to; (i) foreign funding rounds with no post-money valuation disclosure, (ii) delays between announcement and effectuation of funding rounds, or (iii) capital structures such as warrants or liquidation preferences that impact the effective value of a company in the case of a liquidation event.

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